Get To Know Me as a Crafty Content Creator

My passion for crafting and the joy it brings me inspired me to start DIY With Melissa.
This business has been my avenue to motivate others to create
and show their artistry through personalized items.


How It All Started

I got my Cricut in 2016. Back then, I was selling custom cakes professionally, but everything changed when I started crafting. My primary focus is on crafting, but I still love decorating cakes when the opportunity arises. Join me in celebrating both of my passions and maybe you'll learn something fun along the way.

Creativity in My Daily Life

I am a mom who has incorporated crafting and creative cooking into my everyday life. Because of my personal experiences, I bring practicality to something people are typically nervous to start.


Creating Tutorials for Everyone

I provide a down-to-earth approach to all things crafty that allows me to connect with others and have fun. My goal is to create accessible and fun content that anybody and everybody can follow.